4-H - The Trauma that City Children Avoid

"Karen, Andrea, Shyann and Susan were 4-H members in the Sheep Project. I remember Shyann and Susan washing sheep, and getting them ready to show. Sometimes they were as wet as the sheep.
One year, Susan had raised a lamb from birth, grooming it and training it all for the big show day. Susan had it tied in the yard to dry the day before the show. Somehow it managed to hang itself. After talking to the 4-H leader she was told to take another lamb in order to pass her project. She grabbed the closest lamb, brushed it and showed it. She didn't win showmanship for best lamb, but she did complete her project." - Marg

And here's a shot of Susan from better days when stage-frightened livestock weren't committing suicide and ruining her plans.


  1. Oh my gosh, the days of MIR dish detergent. Andrea and I spent days washing sheep, the horse, Peggy's kids, anything we could find ;) Those were the days when our biggest concern was keeping Irish Arrow out of the oats (he was the racehorse, in his retirement phase at Balzer's farm, where we kept our sheep). I don't remember the hung lamb story. Did you eat it? (I can't believe I'm asking this, but...)

  2. This is a great shot, with a very handsome man!