The Practical Child

"When Susan was about two or three, someone spilled a glass of milk. Usually the boys would wait until I cleaned it up. Not Susan. Off the stool she climbed to get a rag and started the mop up. Are all girls like that?" - Marg

Well since very few boys have a "play ironing board" I guess girls like Susan get trained at an early age. That being said, I think I iron a lot more often than she does. Whenever I point this out she replies, "why would I buy any clothing I have to iron?" - Jason

Out Standing in her Field - Life on a farm

Memories from Ellen
"When I think back to when we were kids, some of my fondest memories were visiting Susan at the farm.... it was always laid back and relaxing.... she and her family were always very friendly and "Mrs. A" cooking was to die for. Anyway...I remember one night we had a sleepover in "Grampa's Cabin"..... we were hanging out listening to "Men at Work" and every time I hear one of their songs, I think of that time. If I remember correctly there was a bat involved and maybe a little screaming occurred... Good Times."

Mining for Potatoes

"Rob, Hugh and Susan had a "mine" in the ditch at the curve in the lane. Many summer hours were spent digging for gold. One summer they planted potatoes in the pit - I don't think there was ever a harvest but if a tool was missing we knew where to look for it." - Marg.

Apparently there was business documentation too. At last check, this piece of paper was worth roughly the same amount as Bre-X mining stock.

4-H - The Trauma that City Children Avoid

"Karen, Andrea, Shyann and Susan were 4-H members in the Sheep Project. I remember Shyann and Susan washing sheep, and getting them ready to show. Sometimes they were as wet as the sheep.
One year, Susan had raised a lamb from birth, grooming it and training it all for the big show day. Susan had it tied in the yard to dry the day before the show. Somehow it managed to hang itself. After talking to the 4-H leader she was told to take another lamb in order to pass her project. She grabbed the closest lamb, brushed it and showed it. She didn't win showmanship for best lamb, but she did complete her project." - Marg

And here's a shot of Susan from better days when stage-frightened livestock weren't committing suicide and ruining her plans.

Don't Become a Soda-Holic - Memories from Donna Price (formerly Donna Clain)

"I remember one Halloween Susan was helping give out treats. We stopped by the house to trick-or-treat. Susan handed out candy, missing Stuart. He was too shy to say anything. When Susan found out she said " Aren't you the 'DUH' one"!

I also remember going to Fredericton, likely on a 4-H trip, and staying in a motel with a swimming pool. Karen Ruet, Susan and I shared a room and although they wanted to swim they had no swim suits. Susan was determined to go, borrowed my baby doll pyjamas and went swimming.

We also tried soda water which didn't taste very good. Midge said we shouldn't have it at all because it contained alcohol. Apparently Midge was misinformed."

(Maybe you should have used it as an excuse to ask for Scotch instead) - Jason


Wendy's favorite Susan moment -
"When she won the Westmorland County Fair Queen pageant. She entered not because she wanted to be queen and win the prizes, but to prove that she could do it. She blew away the competition that night. She wasn't the friendliest or the prettiest, she was just the best."

Grandma Adsett

"Grandpa Hugh Adsett died a couple of weeks before Susan was born. Nonetheless Grandma Ethel Adsett said she would come to help and arrived the morning Susan was born. Perhaps that is why there seemed to be a special bond between the two of them, even though Grandma delighted in all her grandchildren." - Marg.