Christmas, Birthdays, Vacations - a time for family

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  1. Christmas is a funny time. I always remember getting the most beautiful thoughtful presents from Sue, and this went on for years after she left home. In the early days there were gorgeous, handmade gifts, made by either Sue or her incredible Mom, like rag dolls, that were the most beautiful dolls I have ever seen (see Boswell on the art page). One year I distinctly remember going to the Adsett home with my family and Sue's gift from her mom was partly finished. I think that was the year I got a beautifully finished doll. I think your mom loves me more than you, Sue! Just joking. That showed me how much our friendship meant. I have treasured those days and those gifts, and still treasure the wonderful friendship Susan has shown to me over the years. I am very lucky to have met you, Dear Heart. XOXO