Don't Become a Soda-Holic - Memories from Donna Price (formerly Donna Clain)

"I remember one Halloween Susan was helping give out treats. We stopped by the house to trick-or-treat. Susan handed out candy, missing Stuart. He was too shy to say anything. When Susan found out she said " Aren't you the 'DUH' one"!

I also remember going to Fredericton, likely on a 4-H trip, and staying in a motel with a swimming pool. Karen Ruet, Susan and I shared a room and although they wanted to swim they had no swim suits. Susan was determined to go, borrowed my baby doll pyjamas and went swimming.

We also tried soda water which didn't taste very good. Midge said we shouldn't have it at all because it contained alcohol. Apparently Midge was misinformed."

(Maybe you should have used it as an excuse to ask for Scotch instead) - Jason

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