Best Wishes

What is the due date for the submissions? What is the date of Sues birthday? - Leopold

LONG LIVE THE QUEEN! -From Lynn McPhee (formerly Anderson) Second Princess of the Westmorland County Fair.

Ummm, here's some photos and good wishes from Susan's Aunt Donna. I think she got our two email addresses screwed up. I'm not sure who Susan is but tell her that her family seems really nice and wish her a happy birthday for me- another Jason Reid who received Donna's email by mistake.

Can you give me a call about this? - James

Who makes old running shoes look beautiful? Or teddy bears come to life? She can take the simplest little element of life and give it a spirit and beauty not previously apparent.
Happy 40th birthday Susan! May your gifts of person-hood only be outnumbered by the loving memories recounted by others at this very special time. - Kim

Happy Birthday to my favorite artist! Hope you have a day filled with laughs, love, family and fun and good health! I hope we get to go out for dinner and a few drinks again soon! All the best and next time you are home we need to have an old fashioned Maritime kitchen party :) All the best! -Shelley

I wish you all the best on your 40th Birthday and many many happy more.
I love having you for a sister-in-law, you have made my brothers life so special and happy I cherish your fun spirit, creativity, and friendship.
Your talents amaze me day after day. I am so proud and thankful that my brother has brought you into our lives. - Lori

Happy Birthday! - Sarah

Now as we edge into our fabulous years.....there are new memories to be made. I am so grateful to visit with Sue when in Toronto. Our visits consist of meeting up, hanging out and consuming lots of great food and/or Purdy's ......When we meet or speak, it is like time hasn't passed... like we just spoke last week. Some of the most memorable moments are sitting in a pub discussing the meaning of life and future goals or just hanging out....those are Fabulous Times.....

Sue... you have been a great support over the years and I can't imagine not having you in my life.... I am thankful for your kindness, insight, laughter and thoughtfulness. You are truly a beautiful person and look forward to many, many more Fabulous Times
. - Ellen

Happy Happy Birthday Susan! We wish you a magnificant day and may you have much success in the days and months ahead.Someone smart once said: "Birthdays are nature's way of telling us to eat more cake". In this case Susan, cheers to another! Enjoy -Kelly & Michael

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