With Love from Jason

People who know me know that writing tends to come easily to me. However, writing my section of Susan's "book" has been the most difficult part of the process.

The fact that I have such a hard time coming up with a few sentences that sum up Susan is testament to the depth not only of her personality but also our relationship. Anyone who has spent time with her knows she's incredibly creative, intelligent, talented and funny, as well as kind, considerate, confidant and candid.

While Susan is not afraid to speak her mind on almost any topic, many things between the two of us never need to be said. We instinctively know when to spend time together and when to spend it apart; when we should take something seriously or when comic relief is needed; when we should listen closely to what the other is saying and when to ignore them.

I've often told Susan the key to our relationship is the way she ignores me. Sometimes I get frustrated with life - I vent - then afterwards I make fun of myself for taking things too seriously. She always faithfully ignores the first part, but always helps me to poke fun at myself in the end. And I do the same to her when she needs it.

Susan and I have shared so many poignant moments, good and bad, from fancy awards dinners to funerals and travels to fun and exotic places. I'd sum up my feelings for her but she knows them already and I really don't have to say a thing - Jason

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  1. Susan is a lucky lady, and you are lucky, too, Jason.