A cat speaks (no not literally)

Okay you've found me. (sigh) I guess you want some sort of story or birthday wish about Susan. What's a cat to say really?

Well I'm not too fond of strangers but I guess she's been around long enough to tolerate. She knows where the treat bags are - although she rarely dips into them for me unless I pester the heck out of her. She tells me to "relax" a lot.

In the evening, She has this annoying habit of sitting right on the part of the futon that I like, so I watch her from my basket and bide my time until she gets bored and goes into her room. She spends a lot of time there - particularly during the day. What she does in there is beyond me, but if I'm lucky she'll leave some paper out on the floor that I can lie on and scratch up. Sometimes she doesn't like that, but my feeling is - if it's on the ground, it belongs to me.

The thing I like most about her is when she leaves her clothes all over the floor so I can lie on them. I have to admit those piles of clothes are comfy.

So yeah, I can live with her. She's in her room most of the time anyway so it's really MY house isn't it?
Okay I'm done..... If you could move away from this bag now and leave me alone that would be good. I wouldn't want to have to use my claws on you - Wellington.

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