During the adult years, we had the wonderful opportunity to live together in the "Big City". Three young ladies living downtown Toronto..... I am thankful that Sue and Wendy took me in and introduced me to the "City Life". I would tag along with Sue on many adventures and outings.... and she would put up with my shenanigans... and she still does on occasion. We had a lot of laughs and many celebrations....every holiday was celebrated with food and friends.... even Groundhog Day called for a celebration.... and let us not forget Birthdays... I won't go into details but let me just say a word or two.... "Pumpkin Man"...Do you remember Sue?..... Great Times.... - Ellen

"Susan, you have been my friend for 35 years. I have seen it all with you. I have seen you go from geeky library girl in school to a adventurous and determined woman. You are talented, intelligent and thoughtful. You know who you are, what you want and you are prepared to go get it. It may take a while but you will achieve your goals. I am so glad that we have been friends this long. We amuse each other a lot. Cheers to you Susan. I cannot wait until I get to perm your hair again when you are 80!!! Love ya," - Wendy

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